Sonic Frontiers' first gameplay revealed

Sonic Frontiers' first gameplay revealed

SEGA's iconic blue hedgehog has been accompanying us for quite many years now, and every new installment in the Sonic franchise generates a lot of excitement among the fans. Sonic Frontiers is no different, especially if we consider that it will completely transform the type of gameplay from other Sonic games into something completely different. SEGA announced it as the "first-ever open zone" game in the franchise, and many players have been wondering about how the game would really feel since then. Now, we get to have a first look at Sonic Frontiers' gameplay in a recently published brief teaser.



As you can see in the video,Sonic Frontiers will be nothing similar to other previous games. The game is set in the Starfall Islands, a vast open world in 3D that Sonic will have to explore. Although navigating the different landscapes of the islands will require skillful movements, pure platforming gameplay seems to be left in a second plane to give way to thrilling action-based combat, missions, and puzzles. You can watch Sonic fighting against gigantic enemies in an open space by using a variety of movements, which is something quite spectacular. Although the video doesn't provide much information, it makes clear that Sonic Frontiers is taking the franchise in a completely new direction. Only time will tell if it's an appropriate journey for the fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, but it definitely looks cool and different.

Sonic Frontiers will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. Until then, if you are looking for a more classic approach to the franchise, you can find Sonic Colors Ultimate cheap on our comparator, which is a remastered version of the highly-popular platformer released on Nintendo Switch that is coming next September with lots of novelties.



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