Sonic Frontiers shows its boss fights and pays homage to older games

Sonic Frontiers shows its boss fights and pays homage to older games

Sonic Frontiers promises the most incredible adventure of the hedgehog, who has also secured his presence in an open world game for the first time. We have already detailed how combats will work in this new installment, which is shaping to be one of the most distinct in the series. With the release date so close, it's no wonder SEGA is stepping on the gas and sharing new information all over the place.

The first preview shows Sonic in Cyber Space, a kind of another dimension that will include various stages with a familiar design. The preview video is courtesy of Greg Burke of Shacknews.



The gameplay is distinctly different from the open world already shown in other videos. The dynamics of the challenge, music, and focus of the gameplay hint that the Cyber Spaces will promote a peculiar experience, paying homage to past games in the franchise, as already seen in certain on the map such as the Green Hill region from Sonic Generations and the Sky Sanctuary. Each stage also features a scoring system that increases with the items collected and the objectives accomplished.

The second preview details more exploration of Chaos Island, a playable area in Starfall. The footage reveals combat scenes, side-scrolling-inspired mechanics, interface information, and hedgehog abilities in a never-before-seen approach. The video is courtesy of IGN.



In the trailer, you can see how the navigation around the islands will be performed. Along the way, Sonic encounters jumping platforms, floating trails, climbable walls, and a countless array of secrets. The game's atmosphere harbors a native sense of isolation. Still, it contributes to a wide-ranging and free-form experience.

In addition, the Sonic Frontiers clip reveals new bosses from the Guardian category, regular bosses during the Open Zone gameplay. The first is Shinobi, a minor Guardian. The second - yet to be confirmed as a Guardian - is shaped like a giant ship, and Sonic must chase it to reach its core and destroy it. All this is accomplished in a massive open world with no restrictions on exploration.

Sonic Frontiers is coming as fast as the blue hedgehog. The game has a release date set for November 8. To secure your copy, check out our comparator for the cheapest Sonic Frontier CD Key and get ready to venture into the Starfall Islands.

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