Sonic Frontiers' combat system detailed

Sonic Frontiers' combat system detailed

We are used to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog fighting against Dr. Eggman and his minions, but Sonic Frontiers will take combat a step further. The first open-world game in the series will introduce significant changes in the gameplay mechanics when compared to its predecessors, especially when it comes to battling against all kinds of dangerous enemies. SEGA has finally shed some light on the combat system in Sonic Frontiers with a video that also reveals some details about the different benefits and upgrades that the blue hero can unlock from a skill tree as he progresses in the game.

Sonic Frontiers will allow you to do much more than jump on top of your enemies while rolling into a spiked blue ball to destroy them. In the game, Sonic can perform a wide range of moves that include dodges, parries, and strikes. By combining them you can approach strategically to any enemy and deliver lethal blows while avoiding being hit. Sonic will start with a series of basic moves but he can unlock more later. The further you progress in the game, the more dangerous the enemies will be, and you will need to adapt your combat strategies to every situation in order to defeat each of them. 



As Sonic gains more levels, he will unlock several passive abilities, bonuses, and additional capabilities. With such a system, Sonic Frontiers seems to be a much deeper game and offers more freedom of choice than any other game in the series, and it's shaping into a very exciting adventure. But, is it exactly the type of game that the fans of the blue hedgehog are waiting for? We will have to wait until November 8 to find the answer. That's the launch date on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch. Until then, feel free to use our comparator to check out the best deals on Sonic Frontiers CD keys for all platforms.

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