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More of a sub-genre than a genre in its own right, apart from perhaps a few exceptions such as visual novels, narrative games are video games where the story has a central place. It is often said that to make a good game you need a strong story and gameplay, but sometimes one of these two elements takes over. A video game with a rich, deep, and well-developed story and narrative can be quite satisfying with extremely simple gameplay mechanics. That does not prevent games with a strong narrative dimension from having rich gameplay. The Witcher or The Elder Scrolls series are good examples. Other games have lighter gameplay, but with multiple branches, resulting in several possible endings and allowing good replayability. That is the case of games like Life is Strange, Detroit: Become Human, and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Reward Event Defend the Overworld  against an invasion of evil Piglins in Minecraft Legends - 67
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