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“How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?” says the deranged megalomaniacal A.I. SHODAN in System Shock. The classic 1994 FPOV sci-fi shooter that influenced such games as Metal Gear Solid and Half-Life, returns in remastered form, with HD graphics and overhauls to mechanics, weapons, and enemies. Experience the terror of facing a machine god and her horde of mutated humans alone in a dark and isolated space station.

You are a hacker who wakes from a medically-induced coma to find that your space station, Citadel, has been taken over by its own A.I., SHODAN. The corridors are infested with mutant cyborgs, SHODAN’s vision of a perfected humanity, who are killing everyone they can find. SHODAN herself plans to raze Earth with Citadel Station’s orbital laser. The only one standing in the way between her and total annihilation is you. 

You are not helpless; you have tools to use against the machine god. With the overhaul to weapons, you have access to a powerful new arsenal, including the K 2100 Magnum, SK-27 Shotgun, LG-XX Plasma Rifle, ND-12 Rail Gun, and the Laser Rapier. 

Use cybernetic implants to gain an edge against the A.I. overlord, including a Mapping Implant to find your way around the Citadel complex, and a Multimedia Data Reader to read various log files scattered around the station. With your hacking skills, you will open locked doors, discover secret areas, and gain everything you'll need to defeat SHODAN. 

Will you survive the horrors of Citadel Station? Or will you succumb to System Shock?


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