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System Shock remake is the perfect mix of modern and classic features

System Shock remake is the perfect mix of modern and classic features

We are used to seeing a lot of remakes and reboots of classic video games in recent times. Making an old cult game appealing to the public is not an easy task and there are plenty of ways of taking on such a challenge. Developer Nightdive Studios has found the right formula for the new System Shock, a remake of the action-adventure title from 1994, which is a critically acclaimed cult game that is present in several halls of fame. 

A classic is reborn

Having the original System Shock as a foundation is as beneficial as troublesome. While the huge popularity of the game grants you the attention of the public, delivering a similar type of experience is quite difficult. Many years have passed and the world of video games and the preferences of the players have changed a lot. Therefore, finding a balance between novelties and the classic gameplay experience is quite tough. The new System Shock offers you the best of both worlds. With brand-new visuals in HD, a better interface, and a new soundtrack, the game is modern enough but it also maintains the spirit of the classic. 



Playing System Shock feels as if you really were exploring Citadel while being under the oppressive gaze of an almighty SHODAN. It's like moving through a maze of corridors and rooms full of puzzles, traps, and deadly enemies. You will feel like trapped in a sci-fi dungeon crawler where you don't know what you will find behind every corner, but you are pressed to move forward because you can't find any safe spot. Nightdive has managed to capture the atmosphere of the original game and used it to take the experience to a new level.

Whether you are an old fan of the series or a newcomer, System Shock is an adventure that will continue to be memorable in its new form. the game is already available on PC via Steam, GoG, and Epic Games Store. You can get a cheap System Shock PC key with our comparator anytime.

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