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System Shock has an amazing pre-order bonus

System Shock has an amazing pre-order bonus

The release of the remake of the cult action adventure from 1994 is due very soon and the fans of the original System Shock can't wait to play it. The opportunity of facing SHODAN once more in a new version of the classic appeals to a huge fan base of seasoned players that are eager to embark on a new adventure to save the planet from being destroyed by the crazy AI. The new System Shock brings new HD graphics, improved gameplay options, a better UI, and plenty of enhancements in a modernized version of the original adventure that aims to make you relive your best moments in the Citadel Station.

A full game as a bonus

System Shock is slated for release on May 30 for PC and developer Nightdive Studios has a big surprise for those waiting for it. Not only they have announced an enhanced version of System Shock's sequel, but you can also get it for free if you pre-order the new System Shock.

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition promises enhanced graphics, support for 4K resolutions, co-op multiplayer, an VR mode, and more. 

"System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition was created with the goal of reverse engineering the original code to port SS2 to the KEX Engine and made available on next-generation consoles for the first time. "

"All cinematics, textures, characters and weapon models have been updated, and the Co-Op Multiplayer has been overhauled to create a seamless experience."

Although it's not a full remaster of the original like the upcoming System Shock, it's still a great bonus that you can get whenever it's released. Unfortunately, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition does not have a release date yet, but you can take a good look at it in the latest video published by the developer.



If you want to get those two games for the price of one, you can use our comparator to pre-order your System Shock Steam key already and get ready to face SHODAN in a new epic clash in the depths of space.

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