The new System Shock is nearly complete

The new System Shock is nearly complete

Fans looking forward to the release of the new System Shock have reasons to celebrate: Nightdive Studios is pleased to announce that their high-end remake of the 1994 classic sci-fi FPS is “largely complete.” Hopefully, it won’t be long until we are panting and sweating as we run through SHODAN’s corridors.

Nightdive is already experienced with creating remakes for Turok, Doom 64, and Quake Remastered. And going by how it looks in the trailer, this remake is going to be a blast.



Challenge a perfect, immortal machine

Originally released in 1994, System Shock was developed by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios, makers of the equally revolutionary game series Thief. A grim cyberpunk shooter with survival and RPG elements, System Shock is a classic that inspired later games such as Deus Ex and, of course, Bioshock

You play as a hacker who is left stranded on the space station Citadel after its A.I., SHODAN, turned into an insane tyrant with a god complex. You must fight your way through the base’s defenses and SHODAN’s mutated experiments to reach the mad A.I. and find a way to destroy it before it wipes humanity from the face of the Earth.

You wield an arsenal of overhauled weapons such as the K 2100 Magnum, SK-27 Shotgun, LG-XX Plasma Rifle, ND-12 Rail Gun, and the Laser Rapier, you can also use cybernetic modules to augment your abilities. You must also use your hacking skills to access locked areas and overcome the base’s defenses. In other words, you have to out-hack the machine god.

Coming out this year

While Nightdive has yet to announce a specific launch date, completing development puts them on track for a release later this year. If you haven’t played the original, this version puts a more modern spin on the game. You can pre-order a System Shock PC key now from our comparator.


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