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Sonic Frontiers' release date leaked

Sonic Frontiers' release date leaked

Sonic is an iconic character whose mention is enough to turn many players' heads. As SEGA's counterpart to Nintendo's Super Mario franchise, the blue hedgehog has found a spot in the hearts of players all over the world, and the Sonic franchise has grown a lot over the years with new video games that span several genres and it has even served as an inspiration for some films.

Although the recent launch of Sonic Origins was received with excitement by the series fans, the game has quite a few problems, including collision issues, sound glitches, and muffled audio, among others. While SEGA has already stated that it's working on fixing these, the community is looking ahead to the release of Sonic Frontiers, which promises a different type of experience as the first open-world game in the series.


Sonic Frontiers release date leaks on Steam

Although SEGA is yet to confirm the official release date of Sonic Frontiers, as usually happens with popular games, the fans are capable of spotting any tiny bit of information that appears on the internet regarding their favorite games. In this case, SteamDB has been the source of the leak, which reveals that the provisional release date of Sonic Frontiers has been moved from September 1 to November 8. This change has been rapidly reported via Twitter, but it's not the only interesting information about Sonic Frontiers that has been leaked.



According to SteamDB, Sonic Frontiers would launch with Denuvo third-party DRM. It's well known that the controversial anti-piracy software has caused many problems on other games, and its addition may have a negative impact on sales, as many people don't want it installed on their computers. 

In any case, these changes are yet to be confirmed by SEGA, but the leak gives the fans something more tangible to look forward to, as we may be able to play Sonic Frontiers this fall. Until the official release date is confirmed, we take all this with a pinch of salt and recommend you check out the best prices to buy Sonic Frontiers cheap.

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