SEGA unveils post-launch roadmap for Sonic Frontiers

SEGA unveils post-launch roadmap for Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers arrived as an unknown for the fans of the iconic blue hedgehog but it has become one of the most interesting and exciting additions to the Sonic series quite fast after its release. The introduction of an open world as a scenario for the first time in the franchise takes the game to a completely different level and offers new opportunities and mechanics when it comes to gameplay. The majority of the fans that have tries the game only have positive comments, demonstrating that it was the right bet for SEGA to make. But it seems that the game will receive many additions in the coming months.

SEGA has revealed the post-launch content for Sonic Frontiers via Twitter, and it seems that the latest adventure of Sonic will receive several updates with content that will be available to all those that own the game at no additional cost.



Sonic Frontiers will receive three DLC that will arrive as free updates throughout 2023. No release date has been announced for them, but they will include novelties like a photo mode, a jukebox, new challenge modes, the celebration of Sonic's birthday, a new timed challenge, and a new Koco just in the first two updates. The content coming in the last update is yet to be confirmed, but it will include a new story and playable characters.



With all those additions, Sonic Frontiers will have enough content to keep players busy for a while, although SEGA may have some extra surprises prepared. Feel free to visit our comparator to check out the best deals in Sonic Frontiers codes if you want to join Sonic on his first open-world adventure.

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