Sonic Frontiers takes the series to new heights

Sonic Frontiers takes the series to new heights

It's been just a few days since Sonic Frontiers was released, but it's been enough for the game to position itself as the best title in the series. According to SteamDB, the latest installment in the series starring the iconic blue hedgehog has achieved the highest concurrent number of players of all Sonic titles in the platform, with a peak of 19,191 players. That number may not seem to be too high when compared with other recent releases, but it surpasses by far the previous record, which was held by Sonic Mania with 11,937 players. 

These numbers demonstrate that Sonic Frontiers has had a very good reception on the platform, and that's something quite reassuring for SEGA. It was unclear if Sonic fans were ready for an open world adventure with graphics in 3D, but this new take on the franchise has caught the attention of many players already. A whole new world to explore with new gameplay mechanics and a style never seen before in the series are enough reasons to give Sonic Frontiers a try. But leaving aside the novelty of the title, most of the reviews and comments about the game are very positive and prove that the game delivers a great experience. 



Will Sonic Frontiers change the franchise?

Only time will tell if Sonic Frontiers is successful enough to open new paths for the franchise. Most Sonic games continue to be platformers at their core, and Sonic Frontiers maintains that. The new gameplay mechanics, a good dose of exploration, and an amazing action-based combat system give a totally different vibe to a franchise that really needed a breath of fresh air. If you want to immerse into this exciting universe and fight Dr. Eggman, use our comparator to find your Sonic Frontiers Steam Key at the best price anytime.

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