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Boss fights look spectacular in Sonic Frontiers

Boss fights look spectacular in Sonic Frontiers

Sega is immersed in the promotion of Sonic Frontiers ahead of its release, and it's for a good reason. The game is substantially different from any other title starring the iconic blue hedgehog released to date. Sonic Frontiers is set in an open-world scenario that will give you plenty of freedom to explore as you please. Not only will Sonic traverse it collecting rings and solving platforming puzzles, but he will also have to fight countless robotic threats as he explores every corner of the Starfall Islands. Of course, Dr. Eggman will have some terrible creations waiting to fight us and you can see some of them in action in the latest Sonic Frontiers video right below.



Epic boss fights

Although bosses have always been present in Sonic games, they've never been so menacing and challenging as in Sonic Frontiers. The huge number of mobility options, attacks, and possible approaches to combat available to Sonic in the game makes every boss fight epic. Finding out the proper strategy to go through their defenses to hit their weak point while dodging devastating attacks will require you to memorize their attack patterns. Fortunately, Sonic has a wide range of abilities at his disposal to take on these bosses, and he can also use the surrounding landscape to gain an advantage in combat.

Sonic Frontiers will probably be the most challenging game in the series but also the one that gives players the most freedom. With so many fans of the blue hedgehog around, we are sure it will be a huge hit. The only question is if it's big enough to make the open-world scenario a permanent feature in other games of the franchise that may arrive in the future. The fans will have to say a lot about it tomorrow as it's the release date. If you are willing to try this new Sonic experience, feel free to use our comparator to check out the best prices on Sonic Frontiers codes for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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