Sonic Frontiers' first big update is available today

Sonic Frontiers' first big update is available today

Sonic Frontiers arrived a few months ago as quite a surprise that offered a new look at the world of the iconic blue hedgehog. Until that happened, most of the games starring Sonic had fallen into the same categories, but Sonic Frontiers is set in a sprawling open world. The game offers you plenty of opportunities for exploration, a combat system full of action, spectacular boss fights, and more. It's a revolutionary take on the franchise that has convinced a majority of the fans, even those that were a bit distrustful when it was announced.

A free update for Sonic Frontiers

SEGA already revealed its plans to release additional content for Sonic Frontiers, and we knew that it had some novelties in store for the game. The first big free update for the game arrives today, and it introduces new challenge modes, a photo mode, and a new jukebox option. 

Being able to take pics of Sonic's exciting adventures in Sonic Frontiers while listening to music tracks from the previous installments in the series, like Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2) Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure) or Reach For The Stars (Sonic Colors Ultimate), is always a plus. You have access to 13 new songs from the start, and 40 more are unlocked by collecting different Sound Memories spread across the islands. 



The new challenge modes are the Cyber Space Challenge, which is a time-attack mode where you have to finish seven stages, and Battle Rush, which pits you against a series of Guardians and Titans. Crear them as fast as possible, and you will get a special reward.

Sonic Frontiers will continue receiving additional content in the coming months that will make it even more interesting. If you are yet to discover this adventure, you can use our comparator to get your Sonic Frontiers PC key and immerse yourself in a fantasy world to join the blue hero.

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