Sonic Frontiers receives its second free DLC

Sonic Frontiers receives its second free DLC

Since it was released, Sonic Frontiers has captivated the huge legion of fans of the iconic blue hedgehog from SEGA. Its sprawling open world and unique gameplay mechanics have arrived as a breath of fresh air to a franchise that was trapped in an endless cycle of platform games, where innovating was harder with every installment. Despite the initial concerns, Sonic Frontiers has found a spot a cozy for itself in the hearts of all Sonic fans as it allows you to explore the Starfall Islands however you choose while you battle hordes of evil monsters and uncover a plethora of secrets.

SEGA is responding to the trust deposited in the game by the fans with the release of free DLCs that expand Sonic Frontiers with new features. If the players saw the addition of a photo mode, new challenges, and a jukebox with plenty of new soundtracks in March, the developer has now released another DLC full of interesting novelties.

Happy Birthday Sonic

The "Birthday Bash" update includes new collectible Koco for you to gather while you adventure in Starfall Islands, as well as new special moves and challenges. The most important addition of the update is the New Game Plus mode, which lets you restart your adventure with an increased level of difficulty keeping all of your skill tree and power-up levels from the previous game. As a bonus, you can also unlock a variety of birthday-themed cosmetic items to customize Sonic.



Sonic Frontiers will be getting a third free update later this year. It will be the most relevant of the three as it will include new playable characters and a new storyline. Fortunately, you have plenty of new things to do in the game until it arrives. Remember that with our comparator you can find the best deals on Sonic Frontiers CD keys for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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