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Dead Cells’ Big Update Features Multiple Crossovers

Dead Cells’ Big Update Features Multiple Crossovers

In a time of colossal launch failures of triple-A games, it’s good to know that affordable indie games are still out there, ready to pick up the slack. Today, roguelike platformer Dead Cells received its 26th update that features weapons, skills, and costumes from other similar hit indie games. Taking a page from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the free update is titled “Everyone is Here.”



The crossover includes beloved (and similarly difficult) games Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, Hyper Light Drifter, Guacamelee, Skul: The Hero Slayer, and Curse of the Dead Gods. The update is available now on PC, and it's coming to consoles later this year. 

To get the new content, players need to visit the Prisoner’s Quarters, where they’ll see “some new unusual rooms that don’t seem to belong here. Perhaps they shifted from another dimension?” Intrepid explorers of these new rooms will be rewarded with loot:



Weapon: Face Flask

- "They say this was supposed to heal you, but it doesn't seem to work that well... Eh, who cares, it looks cool as heck."

Skin: Penitent's Outfit

Curse of the Dead Gods

Weapon: Machete and Pistol

- "Slash, slash, bang. But like, big strong bang. Basically."

Skin: Explorer's Outfit


Weapon: Pollo Power

- "Unleash your inner chicken and bring wrath to your enemies, as you lay egg-bombs all over the island."

Skin: Luchador's Outfit

Hollow Knight

Weapon: Pure Nail

- "Looks like Blobespierre has finally learnt that he's not obliged to stop running everytime he wants to take a swing."

Skin: Vessel's Oufit

Hyper Light Drifter

Weapon: Hard Light Sword / Hard Light Gun

- "Shoot with one to mark your enemy, hit with the other to get your ammo back."

Skin: The Magician's Outfit


Weapon: Bone

- "One swing, two swings, one uncontrollable whirlwind... You know the deal."

Skin: Little Bone's Outfit


Aside from these items, the update also features bug fixes, rebalances, quality of life changes, and notably, support for mods. Full patch notes can be found here



It’s heartening to find indie games like Dead Cells continuing to improve and gifting players with shiny new content. If you haven’t played this fantastic and notoriously challenging platformer, check out our cheapest prices for Dead Cells today.

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