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    Hollow Knight is an epic adventure that will take you to the Forgotten Kingdom, a vast underground labyrinth of tunnels and caves buried deeply under the town of Dirtmouth. You, the Hollow Knight, are an enigmatic warrior set to unravel all of its mysteries. Many have been drawn to this underground place in search of glory and riches, but you will be the one to conquer the evil that lies in the depths of the dungeon.

    Hollow Knight is a classic side-scrolling action/platform game in 2D with beautiful hand-drawn graphics. It's an adventure that will let you explore the old ruined insect kingdom of Hallonest, fighting on epic battles against bizarre beasts of all kinds. You start your journey with a sword but you will gain strength, speed, and skills while adventuring. You will also have to master dashing and dodging during combat if you want to survive to this perilous trip to the depths of Hallownest.

    An intimate and haunting score composed by Christopher Larkin is the perfect finishing touch for this epic adventure that will let you experience the sadness of a majestic civilization brought to ruin.

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