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Dead Cells is getting lots of content

Dead Cells is getting lots of content

Developer Motion Twin has not been sitting idle after the launch of Dead Cells. The studio has been adding extra content to the game to maintain the game as one of the most popular roguelike sidescrolling action games in the market. According to the last publication on the official blog of the game on Steam, it plans to continue with the same policy. Motion Twin has revealed the content roadmap for Dead Cells. It covers all the additions planned for the game through 2022 and hints at even more content for 2023.

Update 30 will introduce the Panchaku as a weapon capable of delivering powerful critical strikes to obliterate any foes that you may face. It will also include a good number of balance changes to make the gameplay experience smoother and give you more options. The Autumn will bring a new Boss Rush mode that will prove to be one of the most challenging experiences in the game. In this mode, you will face all the bosses that you have unlocked in your game, one after the other. If you manage to defeat them all, you will receive great rewards, of course. The addition of a scoreboard will let you fight for the bragging rights if you achieve outstanding performance.


Dead Cells Roadmap 2022


Dead Cells will receive additional content during the next Winter, but Motion Twin has not gone deep into detail about it, only saying that 2023 will be the most exciting year in Dead Cells' history. Of course, nothing of this is set in stone, and the release dates may change.



In any case, the announcement demonstrates the commitment of the studio with its biggest hit. It also guarantees that Dead Cells will be around for a while, which is great news for all those looking for a great game that puts your skill to the test. Feel free to visit our comparator to find your Dead Cells Steam Key at the best price anytime.

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