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Dead Cells will be more accessible than ever

Dead Cells will be more accessible than ever

Accessibility is not the first thing that comes to most people's minds when you think of a game like Dead Cells. Motion Twin's roguelike Metroidvania title delivers a good dose of action, unpredictability, and Souls-like gameplay across a huge variety of scenarios. All this has made Dead Cells the game to look for the fans of the genre. It's not an easy game; it was never intended to be one, but it can be too complicated for some people, and the developer is taking some steps to make it more accessible in future updates.



Upcoming update

According to marketing manager Matthew Houghton, Motion Twin still has many things in store for Dead Cells. The next free update for the game would include a rework of some of the old weapons in the game and a reduction of the cost of some items, but the most exciting addition would come in the form of accessibility changes.


"After Queen of the Sea, we asked fans, "what do you need to make the game more accessible for you?" Obviously, we kept in mind that Dead Cells has to remain challenging for everyone, but now you will be able to adapt the challenge to your needs and enjoy the game and tweak the experience to make it better for you."


These changes would include options to rebind all controls and keybinds, and visual and sound customization at a much deeper level. A new assist mode that will make playing the game less of a chore if, for whatever reason, it's too challenging for you in its current state. They should be available in Dead Cells quite soon, but you can give them a try already by testing the alpha version of the patch on Steam (remember to back up your current save first, so you don't lose any progress).

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