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Dead Cells new DLC is coming next month

Dead Cells new DLC is coming next month

Last month we announced that the first paid DLC for Dead Cells was to be released early 2020, but we couldn´t give you an accurate launch date for it. We are happy to let you know that The Bad Seed will be finally available on February 11th, 2020.


The Bad Seed will add new content to the roguelike-metroidvania game from Twin Motion. It comes with two new levels to explore as well as plenty of new enemies for you to fight. The Arboretum is an alternative to The Courtyard/Toxic Sewers and players will find a clan of mushroom people that seems to be quite interested in putting a stop to your adventures in a very violent way. The second biome that you will get to explore in The Bad Seed is the Swamp, and it's an alternative to The Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers. It is inhabited by a tribe of mutants that wants your head as a trophy to hang on the wall, and they will try to get it with the invaluable help of their frogmen friends. Also, a nasty new boss will make things a bit harder for you.

But it's not all noxious environments and bloodthirsty monsters in The Bad Seed. Dead Cells' new DLC also includes a deadly new weapon that the Beheaded can use to obliterate his enemies. It's the first weapon in the game that will need two free slots to be used, but this huge scythe compensates that fact with immense destructive power.

Until now, all the content released for Dead Cells has been free to the players, but it seems that the developers need a bit of funding for further expanding the game.

We’ve been releasing free updates for Dead Cells for over a year now, this paid DLC is designed to support that effort, allow us to expand the game even more and ensure that Motion Twin have the time they need to make their next game one they’ll be proud of and you’ll be stoked to play.


Whether you want to support the creators of Dead Cells or you just want more content to mow through for your favorite game, The Bad Seed seems to be the right choice for you, and it will be available next month on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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