Dead Cells will receive another free update in December

Dead Cells will receive another free update in December

Dead Cells is a little jewel that should be in the library of all those that love roguelike action games. This amazing Metroidvania-style title was released back in 2018 and it has received quite a few free updates since then. Each of these updates has added extra content and novelties to the game, and developer Motion Twin has just announced that a new one is on the way. Although the announcement was completely unexpected, it's very welcomed by the fans of the game that now have another reason to keep going back to Dead Cells.

The new Dead Cells update should arrive in mid-December and it will add a new weapon, a new type of monster, a lore room, new skins for your character, and even a new diet option. It will also include a few other novelties that are still being tested, so we don't know what these will be yet. Developer Motion Twin has also confirmed that they will release more surprises for Dead Cells in the coming months. It would be quite nice if they launched an expansion with even more content. The insane replayability of the game is already at a very high level as you would expect from any roguelike game, but it never gets boring. Some additional content would make it even better for those that have been already spending countless hours trying to explore the different levels of the island where the game takes place.



If you want an action game that requires a high level of skill, with plenty of enemies to defeat and locations to explore, and unforgiving combat in which any error will end with you permanently dead, Dead Cells is an option that you really should consider. Of course, you can find it at the best price through our comparator.

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