Outriders' expansion Worldslayer revealed

Outriders' expansion Worldslayer revealed

Back in November last year, People Can Fly teased an upcoming expansion for its co-op third-person action-RPG Outriders. The announcement accompanied a huge free update for the game called New Horizon, which included additional content for high-level characters and other content, as well as some gameplay enhancements. Since then, the fans have been wondering about what kind of content the first paid expansion for Outriders would include. 

The wait has finally come to an end for Outriders players, as People Can Fly finally revealed the Worldslayer expansion yesterday through a new video that you can watch below.



This expansion features a standalone story campaign that pits you against Ereshkigal, the leader of the Insurgents, a new human faction against the backdrop of Enoch’s climate undergoing cataclysmic changes. You will be able to unlock new legendary armor sets and weapons with a new Mod. By following the story, you will get to explore new locations and fight against new types of enemies and bosses. You will be able to unlock new legendary armor sets and weapons with a new Mod. 

Worldslayer brings a lot of new gameplay systems to the game too. The expansion will add a new PAX class tree that will allow players to enhance even more the roles picked for their class. You will be able to unlock the traits and skills in it by obtaining points that will depend on your general progress in the game. When it comes to character progression, Worldslayer also adds a new Ascension system, which allows you to make your character even stronger by investing points you earn by killing enemies into four different categories: Brutality, Endurance, Prowess or Anomaly.

Worldslayer is an expansion focused on adding endgame content for Outriders. Those that do not buy the expansion will see some changes too when it is released. Challenge Tiers will be replaced with the new Apocalypse Tiers, which will determine de difficulty and reward scaling of Expeditions in the game. Without Worldslayer, the maximum tier you can achieve is 15, but with the expansion, you can get up to tier 40. The higher the tier, the more powerful Apocalypse gear you will have access to. Apocalypse Gear pieces are special variants of Epic and Legendary pieces in the game with three mod slots.

Overall, it seems like Worldslayer will be a must-have for all players that love Outriders. If you are not one of those yet, you can try the Outriders demo for free and then visit our comparator to get your Outriders key cheap.

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