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Latest Outriders video details Pyromancer's abilities

Latest Outriders video details Pyromancer's abilities

People Can Fly already surprised us a few weeks ago with the first Outriders broadcast in which they showed The First City, one of the main areas of the game. The story of the place is linked to the arrival of the humans to planet Enoch and the video lets us have a glimpse of many features in the game, including the UI, some of the enemies that the players will have to face in Outriders and even a good dose of gameplay footage that looked spectacular. Yesterday, the studio published a new video that focuses on the Pyromancer class and also gives us an overview of the hub system in the game.

The Pyromancer is one of the classes available to the players in Outriders. They have full control over the fire element and use it in several ways in combat, although the main use of it is burning enemies and causing massive damage to them. By using different skills, Pyromancers are able to restrict the movements of their enemies, burn them to a crisp and even make them explode. Of course, the combination of these skills makes Pyromancers a formidable mid-range attacker but they also get passive healing when enemies suffering marked by their powers die. Their survivability can be increased through one of their skill trees, making them formidable tanks as long as they are able to continuously wipe out their foes.



Outriders also seems to be quite singular in the way the adventure progresses in the game. As we can see in the video the action won't be centered around a central hub, and instead of that, we will have a mobile hub with everything we need at our disposal while adventuring in Enoch.

Outriders looks quite good already and it seems that Square Enix was not wrong when they chose to publish the game. We can't wait to know more about the game ahead of it's planned release next December for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.



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