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Outriders has over 3.5 million players

Outriders has over 3.5 million players

It's been just a month since People Can Fly and Square Enix released their co-op 3rd person RPG shooter Outriders and it's been enough to reach quite a few players and be "on track to become the company’s next major franchise". The colonization of planet Enoch as an alternative to Earth due to the collapse of our planet did sound very good on paper, but nobody could imagine that the Anomaly would compromise all the efforts made by the two expeditions sent to the planet. Those that survived the exposure to the strange energy liberated by the cataclysmic event have gained supernatural powers, and the colonists are now immersed in a civil war between two factions struggling for controlling the planet. Meanwhile, the origin of the anomaly remains a mystery that you must investigate.

Outriders have caught the attention of more than 3.5 players already according to Jon Brooke, co-head of Square Enix External Studios:

With over 3.5 million unique players, average playtimes of over 30 hours and extremely high engagement for co-operative play, we and the amazing team at People Can Fly are so excited with this initial success.

Launching a new game IP is never easy and we remain very grateful for the community’s support and feedback – we continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months.

We also look forward to expanding on Outriders in the future.

Therefore, it seems that there will be plenty of novelties coming to Outriders in the following months. We don't know if they will arrive in the form of a big expansion or there will be just a few spare DLCs, but we are sure that all those enjoying the game right now will welcome them.



Even though its launch had some ups and downs, the success of Outriders probably has something to do with its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass for consoles at launch and the free demo that is still available on PC and consoles, but the game has gained the players' hearts. They will have to wait a bit longer to know what People Can Fly is preparing for them.

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