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Outriders endgame content revealed

Outriders endgame content revealed

Although the release date of Outriders is still a few months away, developer People Can Fly has already revealed what kind of activities players will be able to engage in the game once they are finished with the campaign content. In this third-person shooting game, you will play as part of an exploration force sent to the alien planet Enoch in order to find a new home for humankind. Once you are there, you are hit by a terrible energy storm caused by an unknown source, and it affects everyone on the planet granting them special powers. Outriders combines intense combats and cooperative multiplayer for up to three people, as well as RPG mechanics that will let you develop each of the four classes available in the game in a variety of ways. You can now discover a bit more about the endgame content in Outriders by watching the following video, which also includes a bit of gameplay at the end.



Expeditions look like an interesting tier-based progression system that will allow you to gear up your characters with powerful equipment, but it will also require a good dose of skill and coordination with your teammates in order to unlock and complete each of them. With a total of fifteen of them, there should be enough content to keep you busy enough for a while after you finish the campaign in Outriders. Another key component of the game is its customization system, which will allow you to personalize and upgrade your weapons but also to equip class-restricted mods that will modify your special powers.

All those features and more will be available when Outriders is released on February 2nd for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Outriders definitely looks like quite an interesting game, but you will still have to wait a bit longer until you can give a try to the game.

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