Outriders shows another of its classes, the Technomancer

Outriders shows another of its classes, the Technomancer

We already have taken a glimpse at the abilities of the other classes available in Outriders in several videos, but it's the turn of the Technomancer to shine. It will be the fourth class that players can choose for their characters in People Can Fly's upcoming shooting game, along with Pyromancer, Devastator, and Trickster. The Technomancer's powers will grant them a completely different set of abilities, this time focused on summoning and controlling mechanic and electronic devices of all kinds. Those powers have been shown in a recent video that gives us a first view of the Technomancer in action.



The Technomancer is able to summon several types of turrets that will act as stationary sidekicks and are able to deal several types of damage. They can also deploy other gadgets that will help them to control the battlefield and also equip different types of technological devices that can morph into a variety of weapons. But the powers of the Technomancer in Outriders go beyond controlling electrical technology and they can also manipulate biological cells and subatomic particles.

“Trench legend tells of a cornered Technomancer who, desperate to stop an attacking monstrosity, suddenly took control of its subatomic particles to flash-freeze it in mid-air. Another legend tells of one who could hack the genetic code of living cells, making them instantly cancerous, turning his enemies’ own bodies lethal. Many Technomancers are known to help on the battlefield as well, rapidly restoring skin and cell bonds to mend their allies’ wounds. Just don’t expect to be remade exactly as you were before.” 

All those abilities give shape to a versatile class that can take plenty of different roles in combat. From distracting enemies with their constructs and controlling the battlefield to dealing massive amounts of damage, the Technomancers are a force to be reckoned in Outriders. 



The more we know about Outriders, the better it looks. We cant wait to give it a try. Remember that it will release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles during holiday 2020.


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