Outriders demo is a huge success

Outriders demo is a huge success

It's been running for a bit longer than a week already and the Outriders demo has already caught the attention of more than 2 million players. The upcoming action RPG shooter from People Can Fly has received a very warm welcome and it already has a healthy community of players that are enjoying its gameplay through the demo. Even though it only offers limited content and the game will include much more content when the final version is released, the demo seems to be more than enough to maintain the interest of the players and the developers are already planning on implementing a few changes to improve the gameplay experience in Outriders.

It's a demo, of course, and we are bound to see some problems and changes. Some players experienced connectivity issues, and plenty of feedback has been provided since it began on February 25, but overall Outriders seems to be quite appealing to most players that have tried it and it has all the potential to become a new big hit in a genre that is already packed with good games. With several classes to choose from and a good dose of thrilling PvE content for the players to discover as they explore planet Enoch and get used to their amazing powers, Outriders offers quite an interesting experience. 



Developer People Can Fly has already detailed the changes that they will implement to the demo in the following days. They will add support for new resolutions on PC, a motion blur toggle on all platforms, and many bug fixes and small adjustments to gameplay that are part of the polishing process on Outriders. All those changes are going live today.

Remember that you can join all the players that are already having fun in Outriders because the launch of the final version of the game is slated for April 1 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can find Outriders at the best price in our comparator if you decide to buy it anytime.

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