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Outriders New Horizon update and Worldslayer expansion trailer

Outriders New Horizon update and Worldslayer expansion trailer

Who doesn't love free stuff, right? New Horizon, Outriders' newest update, is live free of charge. Players can explore and complete new missions on Enoch with the latest additions, which are kindly being called Endgame 2.0

New Horizon certainly wants to reward longtime players in Outriders. The free update boasts four new expedition maps, which are basically post-main campaign missions that shower players with high-level loot to show who is the best among the best. Even better, timers from expeditions have been removed, so players can take their time and use their preferred build to complete a high-end mission instead of focusing solely on builds with explosive DPS. Furthermore, the probability of legendary item drops has also increased.

In Tiago''s shop, he will now offer a Legendary mystery item and allow you to reroll the items by spending resources. Good call, Tiago! 

The update also brings several improvements in the game's quality of life in general, revising class skills and gears and improving the multiplayer experience, promising less lag and disconnections.

For the fashionistas out there, New Horizon has also updated the transmogrification system, removing several limit caps and letting you change your outfit directly while into the fray. No more screenshotting your success overcoming the most challenging expeditions without matching your outfit's color.

If you are not much of a reader and prefer something more visual, watch the announcement trailer.



Worldslayer expansion coming in 2022

However, the most exciting bit of the fan announcement was undoubtedly the Worldslayer expansion. Although the information is a bit sparse at the moment, Worldslayer is coming in 2022 - probably not for free - and promises to take Outriders to explore the far reaches of Enoch. The trailer shows a mysterious woman with a not-so-friendly face who is most likely an Altered antagonist. 

While Outriders is not a live-service game, it's exciting and refreshing to see that People Can Fly and Square Enix continue to update and keep the flame in Enoch burning. Outriders Community Manager Robbie Palmer said that fans should keep an eye on social media channels for updates in the coming months.

With an exciting future, it's worth taking a look at the best Outriders prices and getting ready for the Worldslayer expansion. And be fast because the game is offering a free Legendary armor piece to everyone who logs before November 30, be it a new player or longtime slayer of Enoch's creatures. 

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