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Outriders is currently free on Steam

Outriders is currently free on Steam

People Can Fly takes players on a very exciting adventure with Outriders. The possibility of exploring a whole new planet full of strange monoliths and the ruins of an old civilization as part of a group of colonists is just the excuse to enjoy a thrilling first-person shooter. Outriders doesn't need to bring innovative mechanics to the table to entice the players with a solid storyline and fast-paced gameplay full of action. The game features a variety of weapons and several classes to choose from, each of them with different powers and skill trees to create a build that fits your playstyle and plenty of threats to face as you investigate the origin of the strange energy storms that devastate the planet. 

All of that is about to be expanded with the launch of the first expansion for Outriders very soon. Worldslayer will offer you the possibility of exploring Enoch with other players. It also raises the level cap and adds a new campaign, weapons, legendary armor sets, new ways of enhancing your character with a separate class tree and a brand new progression system called Ascension, and many other additions. The expansion will turn Outriders into a completely different game, allowing players to focus on end-game content.



On the occasion of the launch of Worldslayer, you can play Outriders completely free on Steam for a limited time. The trial gives you access to all the content in the game until Thursday, 23rd June. After that, you will keep your progress if you decide to purchase the game and maybe give the expansion a try. Remember that you can use our comparator to get your Outriders and Worldslayer Steam key at the best price anytime. Worldslayer will launch on 30th June on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, so this is a great opportunity to find out if Outriders is a game for you ahead of the expansion without spending any money.



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