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An R6 Extraction event is available on Rainbow Six Siege

An R6 Extraction event is available on Rainbow Six Siege

Although it was released almost six years ago, Rainbow Six Siege has not aged a bit. It must be said that, as a game with a strong competitive dimension, Ubisoft Montreal's tactical shooter has made a name for itself in the eSports scene. One would have thought that the announcement of Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly Quarantine), now scheduled for January 2022, would have an impact on the game, but it seems that Ubisoft has decided to keep the game going for a while longer. 

Players will soon be able to follow the Six Major, which will take place in Mexico, but there is also in-game content coming to Rainbow Six Siege this summer. From today until August 24th you can participate in a limited-time event called Containment. The event gives you a head-up on the next installment of the series, as it is inspired by the theme of Rainbow Six Extraction: 


"We’ve interrupted our usual broadcast to report a “situation” of unprecedented magnitude! It seems an unknown life form settled itself at the French Consulate in Ivory Coast. A team of REACT agents were dispatched to neutralize the threat, but the presence of humanoid creatures ready to stop them raises the question of the unidentified entity’s purpose. Is it here for pure destruction… or to replace us all?"


Containment brings several additions to Rainbow Six Siege, including a new PvP game mode, "Nest Destruction", where two teams, the Proteans and the REACT agents, compete on an alternate version of the Consulate map to take over a nest. The Proteans team must defend it while REACT agents must destroy it. Containment also includes new cosmetic items that you can get as a free pack or purchase at the shop.



Finally, Containment will feature daily challenges with unlockable rewards. As usual, if you don't own Rainbow Six Siege yet, don't hesitate to visit our comparator to get it at the best price.

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