Discover Sam Fisher's abilities in Rainbow Six Siege

Discover Sam Fisher's abilities in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is just one of those games in which the collaboration of Tom Clancy has been invaluable to Ubisoft. His novels have served as an inspiration to create several video game licenses and even some memorable characters. This is the case of Sam Fisher, the protagonist of the Splinter Cell series and agent of the NSA, which has become a favorite of the fans over the years. Originally, Rainbow Six Siege and Splinter Cell are completely independent series but players will now have the possibility of playing Sam Fisher as one of the operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Fisher will join Team Rainbow as "Zero" and he comes equipped with several iconic weapons that you can see in action in a new video recently published by Ubisoft, which shows the veteran agent in action.

Sam Fisher is an attacker equipped with medium armor and his main weapon is the SC3000K assault rifle. He also carries an MP7 submachine pistol and a launcher that can be used to place cameras at strategic locations. Not only you can use them to spy your opponent's movements but these cameras can also shoot a laser beam that can be used to destroy other devices or even damage other players, becoming a very important asset in offensive operations. But Sam Fisher is not the only thing that Operation shadow Legacy is bringing to Rainbow Six Siege, and players will also see the addition of plenty of new gameplay that will substantially change the way in which they play the game.



Of course, the recent appearance of Sam Fisher in several of Tom Clancy's games only adds fuel to the rumors of a new Splinter Cell game. There is no official confirmation about such a game being developed, but we recently had Sam Fisher's Italian voice actor saying that we will see a new installment in the Splinter Cell series in 2021. Until that happens, all the fans can play as Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Shadow Legacy is released.

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