Ubisoft details the contents of the new season in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft details the contents of the new season in Rainbow Six Siege

The second season of Year 5 in Rainbow Six Siege is approaching. As you already know if you have been playing the competitive shooting game from Ubisoft, every year is divided into several seasons and each of those comes with a couple of new operators for the players to play with and some other additions. Each of the new operators uses a certain weapon or gadget that offers new tactical possibilities to the player. The characters in Rainbow Six Siege are specialized in attack or defense and it's reflected on the type of equipment they use in combat. Ubisoft has revealed the two new operators that will be introduced this season, which is called Operation Steel Weave.



Håvard Haugland is a Norwegian attacker. His name is hard to pronounce so his teammates call him Ace. He is a paramedic specialized in rescues which jumps into combat equipped with an explosive device known as S.E.L.M.A. This contraption can be thrown and it deploys four explosive arms that destroy breakable surfaces. If there is room enough for it to expand it can explode up to three times, opening a sizeable hole in any breakable wall. S.E.L.M.A. also destroys any defensive gadget that is close to it.

Melusi is a former member of the South African National Defence Force that uses a Banshee gadget to detect and disrupt enemy attackers. After it's deployed, the Banshee will emit a loud sound when an enemy is close. The sonic pulse is strong enough to disorient nearby opponents and briefly slow them, giving you an edge on combat.

Operation Steel Weave also introduces a variety of balance changes and a new secondary gadget for Defenders. The Proximity Alarm is a device that can be deployed on the field by sticking it to any surface. It will be automatically triggered by any attacker that gets close to it and it's bound to replace many other gadgets as a form of intel gathering during the matches. In fact, several operators will see their secondary gadgets reshuffled and will now use Proximity Alarms.



A new map will be the final addition to Rainbow Six Siege in this season. It's not exactly new since it's a reimagination of the House map, which was one of the maps included in the base game when it was released, but it has suffered a lot of changes that will offer plenty of new tactical options to Defenders and Attackers.

If you are interested in giving all those novelties a try before they are implemented in Rainbow Six Siege, they are available on the test server starting today. Remember that if you have the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass you will have access to those on live servers one week earlier.

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