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Shifting Tides adds new cool gadgets to Rainbow Six Siege

Shifting Tides adds new cool gadgets to Rainbow Six Siege

Shifting Tides DLC for Rainbow Six Siege was teased last week, but we didn’t get to know anything about its contents until the weekend. Ubisoft has released a new video showing the main features that this new DLC is bringing to the game, including a powerful sniper rifle, grenade neutralizing devices, and more.

Operation Shifting Tides adds two new operators to Rainbow Six Siege, and they come with their own weaponry and gadgets. Both are rated 2 Speed 2 Armor.

The Attacker Kali is from India, and she is the head of her own military faction, Nighthaven. She is equipped with the powerful CSRX 300 Sniper Rifle, a deadly weapon that allows her to shoot enemies down even through walls and all kinds of cover. Her gadget is an under-barrel LV explosive lance that she can shoot at walls and barricades to destroy any gadgets attached to them on both sides, making it the perfect tool to get rid of traps.

Kenyan Wamai is a Defender and also a member of Nighthaven. He is equipped with the Mag-NET System. It’s a gadget that can be attached to a wall, and that attracts devices and grenades thrown by the enemies. If you place it well, it can disrupt the strategy from the enemies by altering the trajectory of their grenades and giving you enough time to counterattack.

Other than the operators, Operation Shifting Tides will also introduce the rework of the Theme Park map, which has seen the rail platform removed, with both sides of the map made closer among other changes.

On the gameplay side, a new limb penetration system will be implemented with this update. You will be able to shoot through limbs in Rainbow Six Siege if your weapon is powerful enough, and you aim properly. This will prevent awkward situations where a bullet could be stopped from hitting vital spots if a hand was blocking it, for example, and adds more realism to the game.

There is no release date for Operation Shifting Tides yet, but the content is hitting the Rainbow Six Siege test server on PC today, so we expect that it’s going to be available relatively soon.

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