Rainbow Six Siege: play free for a week

Rainbow Six Siege: play free for a week

We learned a few days ago about the arrival of Operation Ember Rise, but Rainbow Six Siege has a new surprise for the players today.

It is not uncommon to see updates with ​​free trial periods to attract new players, especially seasonal or on occasion of the launch of new DLC. And that's exactly what happens with Rainbow Six Siege. A tweet published yesterday via the official Twitter account of the game informs us that Rainbow Six Siege will be available for free through one week on all platforms, from August 28 to September 3. You can discover all gameplay modes, all the maps, and 20 operators without spending a dime. The best of all is that if you decide to buy the game at the end of this free trial week, your progress will be fully saved.

Ubisoft seems to be actively preparing for the arrival of Operation Ember Rise. As a reminder, this new season will bring two new agents: Goyo a defender member of the Mexican special forces, and Amaru, a Peruvian attacker. The Canal map will also benefit from a redesign.

As for Operation Ember Rise, test servers were opened a few days ago, and one thing, in particular, did not fail to catch the attention of the players. Goyo and Amaru will not have new weapons. This is quite surprising because when a new operator is introduced in Rainbow Six Siege, it also wields a new weapon.

Alexander Karpazis revealed the reasons for this choice in an interview with PCGAmesN:

"The most important thing with weapons is to make sure they work with the kit we design."

He also spoke about the number of weapons already in play, over 90, and how difficult it is to create new weapons. He finally declares that the role of operators is much more determined by their gadgets than their weapons.

In any case, even after the announcement of the next installment, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft does not seem ready to abandon Rainbow Six Siege so far.

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