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Rainbow Six Siege – New covert duo Nokk and Warden described

Rainbow Six Siege – New covert duo Nokk and Warden described

Ubisoft has finally revealed the two new operators for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Phantom Sight and other new features for the season

The operators for Operation Phantom Sight have been unveiled last week along with some information about them. As we explained previously, the first one is the Danish operator Nøkk. We already know that one of the many abilities of Nøkk is invisibility and using this, she can infiltrate the enemy’s lair successfully. She is an attacker version of Vigil with a wild weapon available that includes guns such as FMG-9 and SIX12-SD.

Nøkk can activate the HEL Presence Reduction device to cover her tracks and ultimately avoid the surveillance cameras. Her steps are untraceable and nothing short of a surprise. Once Nøkk wears her cloak, she becomes an unseen force that is able to put an end to anyone. Another operator recently revealed is named Warden. He is a defender wearing a pair of Glance Smart glasses that allows him to see through the smoke. This gadget of his makes him impervious to flashbangs and all the other disorienting devices like Yung’s Candelas when he is staying still. His weapons of choice are M5901A and MPX. Warden is undoubtedly a stylish US Secret service agent able to keep defending even through the worst visibility conditions becoming a great asset for your team.




What else is new in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Phantom Sight DLC?

The Kafe Dostoyevsky Moscow map has been reworked and it now features a redesigned first floor and new bomb sites on the second floor. The building now has a more modernized layout and texturing. Other updates aimed to improve the replayability and gameplay experience of the players will be introduced too. Both Nokk and Warden will be available for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass owners when the new season starts but the rest of the players will have to wait for a week longer before they can play with them. Operation Phantom Sight DLC id arriving tomorrow, are you ready for it? Play Rainbow Six Siege in PS4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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