Rainbow Six Siege introduces two new operators

Rainbow Six Siege introduces two new operators

Ubisoft has managed to maintain Rainbow Six Siege as one of the top competitive shooters for a while. This is mainly due to their continuous updates through the different seasons of the game, which have added plenty of new Operators to the game, as well as new maps and other features. Rainbow Six Siege is getting another two operators today, which will be added to the already large number of playable characters available in the game. With 54 different playable characters, Rainbow Six Siege offers a wide variety of tactical options, since each of these Operators comes with its own weapons, abilities, and gadgets. Attacker Iana and Defender Oryx are playable from today on the test server.



Iana is a Dutch Operator quite effective when attacking due to her Gemini holographic device, which allows her to project moving holograms even when she is stationary. It's the perfect tool for triggering traps and ambushes.

Oryx is a bulky and powerful Jordanian Operator who is able to break through soft barriers using just his mass. He is quite mobile and can knock down enemies using his bash skill, even those using a shield, but he is also quite noisy when moving.

These two will be the first Operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege as part of its Year 5. The starting date for the new season has not been revealed yet, but we can safely assume that it will be very soon since the operators are already available on the test server.

Ubisoft Montreal should be revealing more info about the coming season in the following weeks, but the studio has confirmed that they are already working on a Rainbow Six Siege version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Their intention is that the game is available on the launch day for both platforms and that there will be cross-generation multiplayer. That would definitely help to avoid breaking the community, also making Rainbow Six Siege a very interesting choice for those that want to experience a competitive shooter without having to worry about it being outdated in a few months.



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