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Play free Rainbow Six Siege Money Heist event this weekend

Play free Rainbow Six Siege Money Heist event this  weekend

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a very popular competitive first-person shooter and it has a prominent presence in the world of eSports. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the game unless you are a professional player. Actually, it's quite easy to give the game a try if you are not playing it already because every now and then Ubisoft launches a free weekend event where anyone can experience all the game has to offer for a few days.

This is the case now. There is a free play limited time event for Rainbow Six Siege that starts tomorrow and will last through the weekend. If you decide to participate all you have to do is downloading the game on Uplay or visiting the Rainbow Six Siege product page on the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store. You will have access to the whole game, including all of the maps, modes, and operators. If you are interested you can start preload the game starting today.

This free weekend is special too because it overlaps with the Money Heist event that starts today. In collaboration with Netflix, Ubisoft launches this event for Rainbow Six Siege which will let us take part in a bank heist. It makes use of the Bank map and follows the Hostage gameplay mode rules, so Attackers and Defenders will fight over the hostage. As part of the Money Heist event, you will be able to get a red jumpsuit and mask outfit for Vigil and Hibana, and there will be several cosmetic items available in a couple of exclusive bundles that you can purchase with R6 Credits. If you are a fan of the Money Heist TV series, the event starts today and will last until next Monday.

If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend you will also have access to the Money Heist event. Remember that all the progress you make during the free weekend and everything you unlock will be saved if you decide to purchase the game later. You can find the best prices to buy Rainbow Six Siege using our comparator.

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