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Rainbow Six Siege: don't miss the Sugar Fright temporary event

Rainbow Six Siege: don't miss the Sugar Fright temporary event

While Rainbow Six Siege will soon be celebrating its fifth anniversary, Ubisoft doesn't seem to want to give up its tactical shooter anytime soon. We already know that the game will continue to benefit from new content in the following months with its Year 6. The pace will be a little different with the addition of only one agent per season, against two previously, but also new in terms of gameplay.

One of the latest big additions of the current Year 5 to Rainbow Six Siege is the arrival of Sam Fisher as an Agent, which happened with Season 3 last month. But other festivities are taking place right now with a temporary Halloween event called Sugar Fright.

It’s All Hallows’ Eve. Creeping away from the horrors of the battlefield, Frost indulges in the nostalgic fun of Halloweens’ past: candy. Surrounded by the corpses of her sweet delights, our hero dozes off, succumbing to her dwindling sugar rush.

But the night is dark and stormy, and Frost’s mind is filled with nightmares of monsters, corn syrup and… puppets! Now herself turned into a wool creature, she must fend for her life and escape the abyss of her mind alive and satiated.


Sugar Fright begins today and runs through November 10. It will offer a new 5v5 PvP mode, the Sweet Hunt, in which two teams of five players compete to collect 50 candies in ten minutes or less. When a player is killed he drops candy that you must collect to add to your team's score. Of course, plenty of rewards will also be available during the Sugar Fright event, with no less than 32 items to collect. You can get a few just by logging into the game. Finally, during the entire Sugar Fright event period, you can take part in a variety of challenges.

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