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    PAYDAY 2 is a video game where you and up to four friends go to Washington DC to try your luck in crime. PAYDAY 2 is the sequel to PAYDAY The Heist, but it brings some new, exciting features to improve the gameplay as much as possible. The CRIMENET network is one of those features, and it allows you to pick from a large range of dynamic contracts, which means that the player can always choose the best contract for that time. If you only have the means to handle a small convenience store, then you take that, and if you can tackle a huge bank vault without dying in the process, you do that. PAYDAY 2 takes place in DC, so expect to come across some political jobs. Taking on bigger jobs means that you acquire better rewards, and with the new character and crafting system you will have lots of options in term of customization, so make your criminal look as unique as possible so you can match him with awesome gear and guns (which can also be customized). As always, picking your crew will be the most important task for the player. When you find your optimal crew, you visit CRIMENET to find yourself a job from the local contacts: Vlad the Ukrainian, a dark politician called "The Elephant", and Hector, a South American drug trafficker. Now that the job is given, the heist begins. PAYDAY 2 really aims to bring the best experience with its improved game mechanics ( firing weapons and tying civilians), heists that never happen in the same way twice ( each scenario has random geometry or in some cases rare events) and so on. There are five special Skill Trees to invest in: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician, and Fugitive, and you can invest in all five of these to create your very own playstyle. PAYDAY 2 also brings more masks, with a mask creation system, and lots of guns which can be customized to improve their performance or to look prettier, or even both. PAYDAY 2 allows you to experience the thrill of going on a heist, with lots of customization, new content every so often, and complete player freedom when it comes to how you deal with a heist.

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    Comments on Payday 2

    Feb 19, 2022, 8:09 PM
    I entered the normal level in online mode. When no one came, I was bored playing with bots. There are always soldiers coming like a herd of pigs. It took half an hour to deal with them and open the safe and I couldn't finish the game. If one of the bots in the team does not come to your rescue before the time runs out, you lose the game. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't speak English or don't have friends to play with.
    Sep 14, 2013, 12:33 PMon
    Aucun de ces sites ne vend des pack pour 4 ?? Les prix que je vois là ne sont pas si intéressants, même pas 2e de moins que le 4 pack sur Steam...
    None of these sites sell 4-packs? The prices I see here are not that interesting, not even 2 less than the 4 pack on Steam...
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