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Payday 2 has 7 million players on Steam

Payday 2 has 7 million players on Steam

Overkill Software has done quite a decent job with the Payday series. Both Payday and Payday 2 have caught the attention of a lot of players with their cooperative gameplay full of action. Being on the wrong side of the law has a certain appeal for a lot of people and if you accompany that with a lot of features that make the game exciting the resulting product is definitely worth checking. It's no surprise then, that there are still quite a lot of players having fun in Payday 2.

Overkill Software has confirmed that the number of people playing Payday 2 has been increasing lately. According to the developer, 100,000 new players have joined the Payday 2 community on Steam in the last month and they are now seven million members. The studio has used the opportunity to talk about what's going on with the Payday series right now in a new video. Of course, Payday 3 couldn't be left out of the conversation and the new CEO of the company, Tobias Sjögren, has confirmed that they are still trying to find the right publisher for the game.

“We’re working hard on the game and to secure the right publishing partner for it; it’s really important for us we find the right partner in crime.”



Therefore, it's good news that Payday 2 sales have increased in the last few months as they give them a tad more leeway at the time of looking for a publisher who is willing to invest in Payday 3. The release of the game is supposed to be coming in 2022 but nothing is granted. Until then, you can join the increasing list of players that are robbing banks in Payday 2. You can find the best price to purchase the game in our comparator if you do not have it already.

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