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Payday 2 Crossover with Shadow Warrior 2

Payday 2 Crossover with Shadow Warrior 2

Now, before you start thinking that the developers of Payday 2 and Shadow Warrior 2 started making a crossover game, unfortunately, that is not exactly what this is about.

According to PC Gamer, some items from Payday 2, the well-known Dallas mask and a couple of weapons, are making their way to Shadow Warrior 2, and some items from that game, more precisely Wang's iconic katana and some masks, are making their way to the most popular heist simulator out there, Payday 2. 

This was not something that anyone expected, but it's always nice to see game developers working together these days.



You can read the Payday 2 Steam community post where they announced the collaboration: "We're proud to announce the first collaboration of 2017 with is with our ninja friends at Flying Wild Hog,". The collaboration, of course, is a reason to celebrate, and what other way is there to celebrate than to put both games on a discount! 

This is the best time to play the heist FPS known as Payday 2, as robbing banks while wearing strange masks is really fun, since it's at a 75% discount. Also if you like ninjas that go around and slice demons apart with swords and shot them with guns, you should consider buying Shadow Warrior 2, which is 25% off. Also, players that own one of these also get an additional ten percent off, so this is definitely the time to buy these games.

The items that both games are getting really look terrific, and discounts are also always a great thing, so go buy them!

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