Lost Ark to feature two new classes

Lost Ark to feature two new classes

Amazon Games has given us a heads up on what the future of Lost Ark will be like for April and May. We're getting two new classes, a new continent, and even more content. 


Glaives and Hammers

The Glaivier is the first of the new classes and is coming this April. A female advanced melee class that can use both the spear and the glaive, she can also use either of two stances, Flurry or Focus. Flury applies to the shorter spear, where she can perform lightning-fast attacks. On the other hand, Focus applies to the glaive and is used for deadly, sweeping strikes. An expert Glaivier may switch between one stance to the other, building up energy from the first before unleashing it in the second. 

Also coming in April is the new region of South Vern, a Tier 3 continent that will require an item level of 1340 to enter. Described as a once-barren land turned into "a place of abundant waters and green pastures," South Vern has closed itself off and formed a contingent of knights to protect it. What mysteries does the new region hide? You'd best find out.

Coming in May is the hammer-wielding Destroyer, a class so brutally powerful that its strikes can "bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them." It will be the fourth Warrior advanced class to date.

More to come

Apart from these updates, Lost Ark will also include new log-in rewards, in-game events, skins and store updates, and various quality of life improvements. Also included is a new activity for Trial Guardian Raids, wherein you must defeat three Trial Guardians that will each require a specific item level to face. And there's even more coming, to be announced as each month rolls in. 

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