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Lost Ark tries to meet players' demands with new servers

Lost Ark tries to meet players' demands with new servers

The ludicrous number of players trying to play the new MMOARPG published by Amazon Games is definitely causing a lot of trouble. Anyone who tries to log in to Lost Ark during peak hours has to face long queues that have reached over 30,000 people quite often during the weekend. The game became the second most played game on Steam after its launch last Friday, which is no surprise since it is free-to-play. Over one million people poured into the game as soon as it was available, and it's quite clear that it's one of the sensations of the year. But such popularity comes with a price to pay. It's almost impossible to meet players' demands.

Amazon Games is set on mitigating the queue problem that has stopped many players from even creating a character since Lost Ark is available. A whole new region full of empty servers is going to be implemented for Europe, which is where the queue problem is bigger right now. According to the Lost Ark website, it will be separate from the current Central Europe one. Therefore, since cross-region gameplay isn't enabled in the game, you won't be able to play with your friends if they are already on the Central Europe region. 



It's worth noticing that Lost Ark supports limited cross-server gameplay as long as it's inside the same region. Some features like friends list availability and grouping for PvP are not allowed when playing with people from other servers, but you still can group for dungeons, raids, and boss rushes, pretty much all instanced content that does not include group PvP.

If you are looking for an opportunity to join your friends in Lost Ark, it may be worth it for them to consider creating new characters in the new region once it is available. After all, leveling your character is quite easy, although there are many things to do in the game beyond getting maximum level. In any case, we hope that the new servers will reduce the queues in the game. 

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