Learn more details about Lost Ark upcoming beta

Learn more details about Lost Ark upcoming beta

It's been a long while since it was announced that the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark was coming to the West. We have watched plenty of videos showcasing gameplay footage, the beautiful world of Arkesia, the incredible combat animations, the wide variety of skills of the multiple classes present in the game, and more. Plenty of players are waiting for the upcoming free-to-play game to be released, but very few have had the opportunity of trying it (unless you managed to play the Korean version, of course). 

With the launch of Lost Ark getting closer, all players have the opportunity of participating in the closed beta that will start next week. You can still visit Lost Ark official website and register for a chance of playing the beta from November 4 to November 11. Developer Smilegate has gone into detail about what kind of content you will be able to enjoy during the beta if you are one of the lucky ones chosen to take part in the event:


  • The unique prologue per class has been replaced with one streamlined prologue.
  • Adventurers will start at level 10 and progress through the Forgotten Land Of Trua after selecting their subclass. On top of a new story, it will teach the basic controls and battle techniques of Lost Ark.
  • Increased the level cap from 50 in Closed Alpha to 55.
  • Increased Expedition level cap from 55 in Closed Alpha to 100.
  • 2nd Awakening Skill & Quest added for all classes.
  • All content up to Rohendel will be unlocked, including:
    • Main Story Quests.
    • Field Boss (Magmadon).
    • Rohendel Chaos Dungeons.
  • All dungeon content up to Phantom Palace will be unlocked.
    • Abyss Dungeon - Phantom Palace (Twisted Monarch's Hall).
    • Abyss Dungeon - Phantom Palace (Hildebrandt Palace).
  • New Guardian Raids
    • T2 Chromanium added.
    • T2 Nacrasena added.
    • T2 Flame Fox Yoho added.
    • T2 Tytalos added.
  • Vern Chaos Gate added.
  • Shadespire Tower (Floors 1 - 50) added.
    • Can be accessed via any major city.
  • Cube Dungeons (Normal) added.
    • Can be accessed via any major city.
  • Farms and Caves:
    • Can be unlocked by completing "Small Island: Discover Uninhabited Island" Stronghold research. Quests unlocked after completing.
    • This is a small island within your Stronghold which has many gatherable resources which regenerate daily.
  • We are opening up 70 islands for Closed Beta participants to discover and explore.
    • Zone: Gienah
    • Zone: Procyon
  • Similar to Closed Alpha, we will be running an attendance event for the duration of Closed Beta. Adventurers will be able to claim various rewards each day they log in. 


As you can see, there will be plenty of content to explore in the Lost Ark beta. It's a perfect opportunity for players that love action role-playing games like Diablo 3 or Diablo II: Resurrected and a refreshing change for those that are a bit tired of the world of Sanctuary. 

More Lost Ark beta details

If you want to know more about the timing and the specific order that the events in the beta will follow, feel free to visit the official Lost Ark closed beta dedicated page. Lost Ark won't launch until early 2022, so we wish you the best of luck as it's your best chance to try it ahead of release.

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