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Will Lost Ark be the next MMORPG hit?

Will Lost Ark be the next MMORPG hit?

Lost Ark is already a big game in Asia, but the Western release of the game will soon arrive, and the recent beta phase has proven that many players are willing to give it a try. The game takes us to Arkesia, a fantasy world where we are heroes looking for an artifact that will help you fight the Demon Legion and restore the light to the world.

There is plenty of footage and information about Lost Ark at hand already. After all, the game has been available in Korea for a long while. The localization and adaptation process for the Western version has taken a while, but we will finally be able to enjoy the game on February 11, 2022. You can watch the launch trailer shown at The Game Awards below.



Lost Ark is an incredible-looking action MMORPG with gameplay that reminisces Diablo 3, but it may be better to compare it to Path of Exile as the game follows a free-to-play model. With plenty of classes to choose from, each of them specialized in a different combat style; the game will offer you seven different continents to explore and a wide variety of enemies and bosses to fight in your epic quest to find the Lost Ark. You can share the fun with plenty of players online, but the feature that makes Lost Ark stand above other titles is the spectacular detail of its graphics, which greatly contributes to delivering a great experience.

Lost Ark Founder's Packs

Although you won't have to buy Lost Ark to play it, Smilegate's game will feature a shop where you can buy all kinds of cosmetic items, adventurer's crates with equipment, additional character slots, and more. There are several Founder's Packs that you can purchase ahead of the game's release. They offer you exclusive cosmetic items, in-game cash, boosters, and what's more important, a 3-day headstart to begin playing Lost Ark earlier. The smallest one is the Lost Ark Bronze Founder's Pack, and it's followed by the Lost Ark Silver Founder's Pack, the Lost Ark Gold Founder's Pack, and the Lost Ark Platinum Founder's Pack. The higher the price, the more boons you get in the package, but you can find them at the best price on our comparator.

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