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Lost Ark is getting its first Legion Raid

Lost Ark is getting its first Legion Raid

After quite a successful launch Lost Ark continues to expand with additional content on every update. As you probably know, this MMOARPG was released in Korea much earlier than in the West. Therefore, developer Smilegate RPG has to do a lot of catch-up with the localization of all the content that has been added to the game over the time that's been available in the East. So far, a new region and a playable class have been added to Lost Ark, and players have been able to participate in several in-game events, but there is much more to come.


Demon Legion Commander Valtan

The newest addition to Lost Ark will arrive later this month in the form of the first Legion Raid, which is a really challenging encounter for several players that will pit them against a fearsome demon commander, Valtan. To take part in the raid you need to have 1415 item level, and 1445 if you want to attempt to complete it on hard mode. 


"Valtan will introduce the first Legion Raid into the western version of Lost Ark. Legion Raids are difficult team-based activities that require teamwork to understand and execute the strategy necessary to counter each Legion Commander's unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics."

"As Legion Raids are challenging and take time, there are gates (or checkpoints) that will save player's progress as they advance through the Raid. Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics."


Although Lost Ark is free to play, and you can unlock everything by playing the game, its item progression system involves a good deal of luck. You can speed up the process to a certain degree by buying materials with real money, but the game gives you plenty of opportunity of gathering those if you invest enough time. If you want to enhance your leveling experience, you can visit our comparator to find the best deals and buy Lost Ark Apprentice Starter Pack, Lost Ark Explorer Starter Pack, and Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack Steam keys at the best price for an additional boost.

May 13, 2022, 9:20 AM
For me, this Legion raid at Lost Ark was too exciting. In order to participate in the raid, I spent a lot of energy in the early stage to upgrade my item level. To that end, I bought some Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS specifically to power up the character.
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