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    New World is a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox MMO. The game is set in a fictional land that players colonize in the mid-1600s. While the name and setting of New World might suggest a continent like North America, the game is not a historical title. Players will be able to explore the land, colonize tit and the game features a rich crafting system and character progression. 

    Aeternum, the Eternal Isle, is a supernatural island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that contains veins of a magical mineral called Azoth that both empowers and corrupts everything around it and is believed to be the source of eternal life. The ruins left behind by an ancient civilization have become a hiding place for monsters under an apparently serene landscape. The corruption lurks everywhere, waiting to change all that it touches. Some will become bare shadows of their former self; others will become nightmares to conquer. 

    In this New World, players will be able to form powerful companies - the traditional Guilds - operating out of fortified strongholds that control entire regions, or adventure alone and acquire and customize their own homes as they contribute to the development of the community around them. The game offers excellent crafting options to contribute to the growth of the Companies, strongholds, and settlements. Armoring, arcana, cooking, engineering, furnishing, jewelcrafting, and weaponsmithing let you combine resources to create clothing, weapons, consumables, and even furnishings for your house. You'll also need high-tier crafting stations to make high-tier items and to gather rarer materials from more dangerous parts of the island. You will also require to continuously pay attention to the weight of the weapons, armor, and items you carry. It will determine your ability to dodge attacks and even the amount you have to pay when using fast traveling services.

    You can get your first house after reaching character level 15 and level 10 reputation with the settlement in which you want to buy a home. Houses range in prices from 5.000 gold all the way up to 20.000 gold, each with different bonifications. Then, at level 40, you can buy a second house, and at level 60, you can buy a third house, allowing you to quickly fast travel between three different settlements. As with everything, you will have to pay taxes for your houses, and they can be customized with furniture and storage options.

    There are three different New World factions that you can join at level 10, letting you become part of a company and fight in faction wars and events. Make sure to choose the correct faction as you can only change them every 120 days.

        Marauders: A military faction set on turning Aeternum into a free nation.

       Syndicate: A secretive society searching for hidden lore and enlightenment.

        Covenant: An order of fanatics who want to cleanse the land of those they deem heretics.

    But Aeternum also harbors several factions that are not related to the players, each with its own agenda: 

        The Corrupted: Infected by the corruption of Aeternum, this faction seeks to expand its influence by taking over faction forts.

        The Ancient: An ancient civilization that once harnessed the power of Azoth.

        The Lost: Doomed to immortality without a soul, these ghouls are trapped between life and death.

        The Angry Earth: The nature of Aeternum, mimicking humans and animals to fight what it sees as an infection on the island.

    Steering away from the traditional option of choosing your class when you create your character, New World instead lets you change your role depending on the weapon you use and developing their mastery trees to customize your class. Each weapon type offers a different set of active - special attacks with cooldowns - and passive abilities that can be unlocked through gaining experience with said weapon type. If you wanted to, you could completely master every weapon type. Two different weapons sets can be equipped at the same time, and you can switch between them quickly by pressing 1 and 2. To gain proficiency with the weapons, you have to keep using them while you are leveling. New World offers a broad selection of weapons like swords, hatchets, spears, warhammers, bows, rapiers, great axes, and even muskets to choose from, or magic weapons such as the fire and life staves and the ice gauntlets. Combat will remind you of other games like Dark Souls, Guild Wars 2, or Black Desert Online, as it doesn't lock on your opponent. Dodging is possible, but only when you wear lighter types of armor. Heavy armor is far more restrictive when it comes to dodging attacks but offers superior protection and bonuses to crowd control skills.

    To gain experience and develop your character, you can take on normal quests but also join Expeditions. These are like the traditional dungeons in other games, but they have some added features, like puzzles, to break up the combat. To enter these, you have to reach level 25 and advance in your personal quest enough to receive a key for entering. You can also take part in Invasions, where 50 players defend their fort from waves of corrupted enemies, including the powerful Void Destroyer. If you survive for 30 minutes, you win; if not, the territory is downgraded.


    When running around the open world, you'll be safe from other players as long as you don't flag yourself for PvP. Faction Control Points provide buffs such as a 5% increase to experience gain and a 20% increase to influence gain within that territory, so it might be beneficial for you to risk it. Additionally, each fort has a unique global buff for the faction in control, such as decreased taxes or traveling costs for fast travel. PvP is a good option in this game, with epic battles of 20v20 in Outpost Rush, an event where you compete to capture outposts. 

    You can also gather resources and upgrade your defenses, all while fighting off enemies and other players in enormous 50v50 matches where companies vie for control over strongholds and regions. In order to begin a War on another faction's territory, it must be weakened to the point where it is vulnerable. This can be done by completing different missions for your faction. From there, it's a multistep process that culminates in a 50v50 war. Naturally, controlling a territory will provide a faction with all sorts of benefits and buffs.

    Join an epic adventure of discovery and colonization as you fight against corruption and find the secret of immortality in New World.

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    Jan 8, 2022, 10:41 PMon
    Excellent jeu
    Excellent game
    Nov 30, 2021, 7:10 AMon
    Un très bon mmorpg que je recommande
    A very good mmorpg that I recommend
    Nov 22, 2021, 8:30 PMon
    Bellissimo gioco.
    Beautiful game.
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