New World update Heart of Madness unveiled

New World update Heart of Madness unveiled

Amazon Games has just announced a major update to their MMORPG New World. Heart of Madness introduces new weapons, balance updates, bug fixes, and a new main questline.

Have a look at Ginger Prime’s preview video on the update here:



Striking the Heart

Heart of Madness features the grand finale of Isabella’s story arc. The main questline is called the Myrkgard Expedition, where you chase Isabella into the Shattered Mountain and into the corrupted heart of Myrkgard city. There you’ll discover her secrets and the source of her evil nature. The Myrkgard Expedition requires five players at level 60, with a Gearscore of at least 550.


new world blunderbuss


Also featured in this update is a new weapon: the Blunderbuss, an old yet powerful gun good for close to mid-range combat. It scales on strength and intelligence stats, making it an excellent choice for melee and magic builds. It also includes a new Legendary Weapon Quest series and two Weapon Master trees:

  • Containment — built for close range, where you engage an enemy to fill them with bullets.
  • Chaos — mid-range strategy that lets you bombard enemies with Area of Effect damage. 

The update will also include several balance and bug fixes and even new encounters. All the more reason to explore the untamed land of Aeternum.

Heart of Madness PTR 

You can get a chance to have a look at the update with New World’s Public Test Realm. Note that access to the PTR is limited on a first-come-first-serve basis and may have queues involved. 

The PTR will officially open on March 3, 10 AM PST / 6 PM UTC. You can get information on how to access the PTR in the Heart of Madness FAQ and learn more about New World from our guide. If you would like to get an affordable New World code, feel free to visit our comparator. Isabella awaits your challenge.

New World
New World
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