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Role-playing games, commonly known as RPG too, include a wide range of epic adventures that put you in control of one or various characters as they progress through a storyline. Dungeons to explore and challenging enemies to fight are elements that appear in most games in the genre, but they can change quite a bit depending on the setting. By defeating enemies, you will have the chance of collecting money and items to enhance your characters, but also experience to increase your level. Role-playing games feature character development systems and allow you to improve your characters by assigning points to their statistics and unlocking new skills, spells, and powers. They usually let you equip your characters with a variety of weapons, armor, and other pieces of equipment. Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect series are just a couple of examples of a genre that offers you quite a lot of variations.

Reward Event Travel to the world of Valisthea and do whatever it takes to save your homeland in Final Fantasy XVI - 72
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