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    The world of the popular RPG series comes back to life in Final Fantasy VI. Follow the story of Terra Brandford, a young woman born from the union of a human and an esper who wields powerful fire and curative magic. Her peaceful life is brutally interrupted when the Empire forcefully recruits her after attacking her hometown. A series of events will end with Terra free and joining a group of rebels known as the Replicants who want to destroy the Empire. That's just the beginning of an epic adventure.

    Final Fantasy VI follows the steps of its predecessors when it comes to gameplay. It features a vast world to explore via an overworld map where you can visit different locations and encounter different groups of monsters. The battles are based on the ATB system (active time battle). Each character has an independent action bar that fills up progressively depending on their speed, and they can act when it's full. Then, they can choose between several magic spells or combat arts at their disposal. You can equip the characters in your group with a variety of weapons, armors, and unique relics. You can unlock magical abilities with magicite and summon powerful espers to aid you in combat. The game features a total of 14 playable characters, many more than previous games in the series.

    If you want to embark on an adventure with a deep storyline, epic combats, and plenty of mysteries to discover in a vast fantasy world, Final Fantasy VI is your game.

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