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    FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH continues Cloud´s adventure in FINAL FANTASY REMAKE. After our hero assaults a Mako reactor in Midgar as part of a group of Avalanche rebels, his activities have caught the eye of the Shinra Electric Company. As they escape from the city and explore the surrounding territories Cloud and his friends get immersed in a new chapter of an exciting adventure that will decide the future of the planet. 

    FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the second episode in the new version of the legendary role-playing game from Square Enix. Like its predecessor, the game features modern graphics with a new art style and a completely reworked combat system that combines turn-based and real-time mechanics to deliver a unique experience. The fans of the original game will recognize parts of the story and the scenarios where its set, but the new game also includes many twists and novelties.

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    • Digital Art Book
    • Digital mini soundtrack
    • Summon Materia: Magic Pot
    • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker
    • Armor: Orchid Bracelet

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    Comments on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

    Apr 10, 2024, 5:16 PM
    The second chapter of what appears to be an awesome trilogy, will probably wait to grab the 3 games bundled when they're all released on PC
    Apr 10, 2024, 5:08 PM
    I love how you can tell whose POV we're looking at in the Nibelheim flashback based on things like expressions, the way they talk, body-language and, in one shot, what glove they're wearing when they reach out. I am just so in love with how well they did that.
    Apr 10, 2024, 5:58 AM
    Incredible! This adaptation is really interesting. Allowing us to visit FF VII in a modern way. The travel is magic but some minigames (chocobo taming...) are so long and the interest of this kind of quests is not here... exploration is often frustrating... but the game is mainly a masterpiece rebirth of a masterpiece.
    Apr 9, 2024, 11:47 PM
    Never played Final Fantasy before and other series. I would like to try it one day but firstly i need a good pc. Opencritic rate is good 94. Game Trailer seems good.
    Apr 9, 2024, 4:41 PM
    This game is perfect. It's been a very long time that I really enjoy an open-world game since TW3. The story and music are perfect. Although the feeling at the end is quite confusing, it makes me want to search for theories and think about the game after finishing it for a few weeks. 10/10
    Apr 9, 2024, 10:51 AM
    Final Fantasy VII Remake is amazing. A great game with a lot, and i mean, a lot of things to do. I finished the game with 100 hours and was able to only complete it like 60%. A really big upgrade of the Remake. This time it actually feels like a good game. The graphics and art style are amazingly beautiful and the soundtrack is godlike. I fell in love with each one of the main characters and even with some side ones.
    Apr 8, 2024, 10:11 PM
    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix tarafından geliştirilen ve yayınlanan 2024 yapımı bir aksiyon rol yapma oyunudur. Oyun, Final Fantasy VII Remake'in devamı ve 1997 PlayStation oyunu Final Fantasy VII'nin yeniden yapılması planlanan oyun üçlemesinin ikincisidir.
    Apr 14, 2024, 11:10 PMon
    Non l’ho ancora giocato ma vedrò di recuperarlo non appena cali un po’ di prezzo. Il gameplay comunque è il solito quindi mi aspetto tanto divertimento
    I haven't played it yet but will see if I can pick it up as soon as it drops in price a bit. The gameplay however is the usual so I expect a lot of fun
    Apr 9, 2024, 8:44 PMon
    Je n'ai pas acheté ce jeu même si la bande d'annonce était bonne, je préfère attendre la version PC pour me faire un avis vu que les tests ne sont pas mauvais.
    I didn't buy this game even though the trailer was good, I'd rather wait for the PC version to make up my mind since the reviews aren't bad.
    Apr 9, 2024, 3:23 PMon
    On m'en parle beaucoup du VII Rebirth qui semble déjà culte en rebondissements, pour son ambiance graphique ! Square Enix savent ce qu'ils font et avec passion, et ça c'est top ! C'est pris
    I've been hearing a lot about VII Rebirth, which already seems to have a cult following for its graphic ambience! Square Enix know what they're doing, and they do it with passion, and that's great! Taken
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    • Technical information

    • Official website : FFVII Rebirth
    • Categories : Role-Playing
    • Editor : Square Enix
    • Developer : Square Enix
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : February 29, 2024
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